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Memory foam pillow
Memory foam pillow
Memory Pillows of Natural Physical Therapy of Neck-Protective Series The stuffing material, a space astronautic material, is provided by Dow Chemical of the US. The material is specially treated by human engineering, which contains high intellectual thermo-sensitive memory particles. The memory pillows memorize and simulate your body shapes at the temperature of human bodies, making the pillows more suitable to your body curves, and scattering and evenly absorbing the pressures of human body. All parts of the human body will be evenly supported, resulting in a more refreshing and comfortable sleep. Special notes: The patented zero pressure memory pillows are height-adjustable. Multiple layers of regulatory pads are designed inside the memory pillows. The up to five specifications, together with the Suitable 3S Ordering System, are most convenient for the customers to choose. We suggest that the customers, especially those with cervical syndromes, should gradually adapt the height and size recommended to develop good sleeping habit.

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