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Chinese Magnolivine Fruit Pillow
Chinese Magnolivine Fruit Pillow
Chinese Magnolivine Fruit Pillows of Healthy Series Gentleman-Specific Pillows Chinese magnolivine fruit is added and refined to the pillow fillings. It is acrid-flavored, slightly bitter, and can promote contraction, secure astriction, nourish qi to generate fluid, reinforce the mind and soothe the heart. It is used in the treatment of chronic cough, dyspnea due to deficiency, night sweat, nocturnal emission, hydrodipsia, weak pulse, calor intemus, diabetes, palpitation, insomnia, forgetfulness, and lack of energy. Special notes: Chinese Magnolivine Fruit Pillows are suitable for general use, and are surely a marvelous present to your husband and father. They are also suitable for the students and the elderly males, and beneficial to women with yin asthenia.

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