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Glossy Privet Fruit Pillow
Glossy Privet Fruit Pillow
Glossy Privet Fruit Pillows of Healthy Series Gentleman-Specific Pillows Glossy Privet Fruit Pillows are stuffed with glossy privet fruit and a variety of other wild plants with a secret recipe. It is recorded in Pharmacopoeia of Traditional Chinese Herbs that glossy privet fruit can reinforce the liver and kidney functions, and strengthen the loin and knees. It is effective in the treatment of dizziness, dim eyesight, tinnitus, sore and week loin and knees, and early whiteness of hair. The unique design of socket structure offers high air permeability, improves the support to the neck, and protects the cervical vertebrae. Buckwheat husk, middle hollow cotton and other fillings are filled in the double layered pillows. Special notes: Glossy Privet Fruit Pillows are specially designed for men with renal deficiency and sore waist, which make wonderful gifts for husband and father.

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