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Motherwort Herb Pillow
Motherwort Herb Pillow
Motherwort Herb Pillows of Healthy Series Lady-Specific Pillows Motherwort Herb Pillows are stuffed with motherwort herb and a variety of other wild plants. Motherwort herb has been traditionally used by Chinese doctors to treat gynecological diseases. It is slightly cool in nature, bitter and acrid in flavor, and can promote metabolism, and promote blood circulation to restore menstrual flow. It is recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica that motherwort herb induces diuresis to reduce edema, and is used to treat irregular menstruation, menorrhalgia, menostasis, retained lochia, edema, oliguria, and puffiness caused by nephritis. Special notes: Motherwort Herb Pillow makes a wonderful gift for your mother on Mothers’ Day.

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