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Cockscomb Flower Pillow
Cockscomb Flower Pillow
Cockscomb Flower Pillows of Healthy Series Lady-Specific Pillows Cockscomb Flower Pillows are stuffed with cockscomb flower and a variety of other wild plants with a secret recipe. Cockscomb flower is red and symbolizes love. It is recorded in Yujiu Medicines that cockscomb flower is sweet and cool in nature, astringent in taste, and can invigorate the spleen, nourish the blood, rectify wind, reduce heat, cool the blood, stop diarrhea, regulate menstruation, and treat uterine bleeding, rubella, and glaucoma. Cockscomb Flower Pillows are highly air permeable. Long-term use of these pillows will strengthen your body. Buckwheat husk, middle hollow cotton and other fillings are filled in the double layered pillows. Special notes: Cockscomb Flower Pillows are especially recommended for unmarried or newly-married ladies

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