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Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba Pillow
Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba Pillow
Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba Pillows of Healthy Series Highly-Effective Pillows Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba Pillows are stuffed with Flos Chrysanthemi Alba from Hangzhou of China, which is grown in Hang, and has won a reputation as high as Longjing Tea in China. Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba is one of the famous exported Chinese crude drugs grown in Zhejiang province. Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba contains chrysanthemin, amino acids, flavonoids, and a variety of vitamins and trace elements. It has been demonstrated by the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine that Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba can nourish liver to improve visual acuity, rectify the heart, invigorate the kidney and the spleen, moisten the throat, promote the production of body fluid, and regulate the blood fat. It can remove the moisture in spring, moisten the skin in summer, relieve the dryness in autumn, and clear the body fire in winter. With the power to beautify and nourish your skin and blood, reinforce the vigor of your life, and delay the aging process, it is a valuable health care product. Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba pillows sell well in both domestic and foreign markets. Special notes: Hangzhou Flos Chrysanthemi Alba is precious, and its therapeutic effect is far superior to that of common Chrysanthemun flower.

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