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Bamboo Charcoal Pillow
Bamboo Charcoal Pillow
Bamboo Charcoal Pillows of Healthy Series Environment-Protecting Pillows Bamboo Charcoal Cushions Bamboo Charcoal Cushions are filled with natural bamboo charcoal, which can effectively absorb the indoor moisture, eliminate the bed moisture, unpleasant flavor, and poisonous gas, keep the air clean and dry. They will ensure you a healthy skin and a perfect sleep. The bamboo charcoal can absorb CO2, ammonia, and sweat expelled from your skin, and meanwhile produce caloric effect to make your sleeping environment warm and comfortable. Bamboo Charcoal Pillows are water-proof, air-permeable, pleasantly soft, and slightly fragrant. They are not easy to sink or deform, and can effectively inhibit the growth of pathogens. Beneficial to any age group, they are wonderful for the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases.

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