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Wild Chrysanthemum pillow
Wild Chrysanthemum pillow
Wild Chrysanthemum Flower Pillows of Healthy Series Multi-Functional Pillows Wild Chrysanthemum Flower Pillows are stuffed with wild chrysanthemum flower and a variety of other wild plants. Wild chrysanthemum flower is bitter in taste, and slightly cool in nature. It is recorded in Chinese materia medica that wild chrysanthemum flower can clear heat, remove toxin, purge pathogenic fire, improve eyesight, relieve sore-throat, disperse the depressed liver-energy. It can be used to relieve pyretic toxicity, wash sores and scabies, and to kill pathogens. The unique design of socket structure offers high air permeability, improves the support to the neck, and protects the cervical vertebrae. Buckwheat husk, middle hollow cotton and other fillings are filled in the double layered pillows. Special notes: Chrysanthemum flower smells naturally fragrant, and is commonly used to remove heat, and prevent and cure colds. It is especially beneficial to children and students.

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