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Selfheal pillow
Selfheal pillow
Selfheal Pillows of Healthy Series Natural Physical Therapy of Neck-Protective Series Selfheal Pillows are stuffed with selfheal, tuberculate speranskia herb, flos buddlejae, and other refined wild Chinese medical herbs. It is recorded in the Pharmacopoeia of the Traditional Chinese Medicine that selfheal can eliminate stagnation, reduce swelling, reinforce the liver function, improve eyesight, ease mental anxiety, relieve pain, and drive away evils. Flos buddlejae can rectify heat, protect the liver, brighten eyes, and reduce nephelium, which is effective in the treatment of cervical pains, liver and kidney diseases, headaches, dizziness, starting spells, conjunctival congestion, hyperdacryosis, and phengophobia. With good air permeability, the lone-term use of selfheal pillows is beneficial to your health.

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