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Cassia Seed pillow
Cassia Seed pillow
Cassia Seed Pillows of Healthy Series Eyesight-Improving Pillows The Cassia Seed Pillows are stuffed with cassia seeds and other yin-natured Chinese herbs, which are refined with special techniques. It is recorded in Chinese Materia Medica that cassia seeds can improve eyesight, calm the nerves, rectify heat, refresh the brain, clear the liver, tonify the kidneys, decrease the blood pressure, open the bowels, and lose weight. The beads on the surface massage the head, improving the blood circulation of the head and reinforcing memory. The Cassia Seed Pillows are cool in summer, but warm in winter. The unique design of socket structure offers high air permeability, improves the support to the neck, and protects the cervical vertebrae. Buckwheat husk, middle hollow cotton and other fillings are filled in the double layered pillows. Special notes: Cassia seeds are widely used in physical therapies, such as reducing blood pressure, opening the bowels, and losing weight. In addition, the peculiar quality of coolness guarantees the comfortable use in summer, which suits the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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