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Silkworm Dropping pillow
Silkworm Dropping pillow
Silkworm Droppings Pillows of Healthy Series Sleeping-Aiding Pillows The Silkworm Droppings Pillows are stuffed with silkworm droppings and other yin-natured Chinese herbs, which is refined with special techniques. Silkworm droppings is a kind of yin-natured Chinese herb, slightly cool in nature. It is recorded in Chinese Materia Medica that silkworm droppings can eliminate wind, reduce moisture, improve eyesight, and decrease blood pressure. It is especially effective in the treatment of eye problems, panicky, insomnia, neurataxia, head-wind, headaches, hypertension, hepatic fire, and arthritis. The design of socket structure improves the support to the neck, and protects the cervical vertebrae. Buckwheat husk, middle hollow cotton and other fillings are filled in the double layered pillows. Special notes: The Silkworm Droppings is widely used in physical therapies. It is a traditional pillow filling for children and the elderly people. It is generally used to treat insomnia improve eyesight, relieve headaches and decrease blood pressure.

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