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Cherry Stone Pillow
Cherry Stone Pillow
Specifications:15 x 40cm

What is cherry stone pillow?

A unique cherry stone thermal pillow, a pure cotton pouch filled with over 1.5 litres of cherry stones- the natural by-product from the manufacture of jams and kirsch liqueur. Traditionally, the Swiss distilliery workers would place small bags of cherry stones on the factory stoves to use at the end of the day on their stiff shoulders- and probably to keep their hands warm on the way home too!

What is cherry stone pillow good for?

Lots of things… from just warming the bed to treating sports injuries…its used as a pre heater prior to massage and as an excellent cuddly comforter on cold and lonely nights...

How do you heat cherry stone pillow?

Just three minutes in a microwave gives a long lasting penetrating heat that quickly eases any point of discomfort - neck tension, backache, headache, period pains - it’ s just like a hot water bottle but without the dangers of boiling water, which makes it ideal both for children and the elderly...

Do you have to have a Microwave?

No, just put the pillow in a heatproof dish and place it in a conventional oven for 15 minutes at 150 C...

Can you Freeze cherry stone pillow?

YES..just wrap the pillow in a plastic bag to keep it dry and place it in the freezer to turn it into a perfect cold compress for sports injuries, bumps, sprains and puffy eyes.



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