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3 Simple Tips How To Wash Pillows

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                             Three  Simple Tips How To Wash Pillows


Do you want to learn how to wash your sleeping pillow? If you do, read this article. You are going to learn how you can clean your pillow with the simple tips below.

A lot of people do not know how to wash their pillows. Some don’t even care about cleaning them. Do you know that pillow is actually one of the attractions for bacteria, dust, mites and many other unhealthy additions?

Imagine that if you use the same pillow for 2 or 3 months, without washing it or changing it. Can you see how dirty and unhealthy it can be? This is why cleaning your pillow is something important and in fact, experts actually suggest us to wash and clean our pillow as regularly as possible.

First, there are many ways and methods to clean and wash your sleeping pillows. You need to categorize them according to their materials.

Second, make sure you check their tags to see if they are washable. Some pillows such as orthopedic pillows are not washable. You need to dry clean it. Fortunately, most pillows are washable. Those fibers made, cotton and wool pillows can be washable.

Normally, you can wash most of the pillows using washing machine and under cold water. Unless it is specified in the tag that you must use warm water and hand wash only.

You can use softener and detergent if you want to. However, make sure you use them on a very small scale. Too much detergent and softener are not good for your pillows.

Third, rinse your pillow for a few times. You want to thoroughly clean your pillow so that it smells and as clean as new. You can use the dryer to spin clean it if you want to, but make sure you read the tag before you do so.

Man-made materials, foam, polyester, fiber-filled, cotton or synthetic pillows are usually washable. Except for some special orthopedic pillows, or water pillow, or maybe gel pillows are not washable.

If you are going to use a machine to wash it, make sure you shorter the spinning duration and make it to gentle or light spin.

You should hand-wash feather and foam or memory foam pillows. Just fill your sink with water, put in some detergent or soap mixes well with the water, and then get the pillow wash it gently with your hands by squeezing it. Soak it a little and then rinse it with warm water. Rinse a few more times to make sure it is totally soap-free.

So this is how you can wash a pillow. I believe it is been some time since you last washed it. So take your time to wash and clean your sleeping pillow now.


3 Simple Tips How To Wash Pillows



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