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Microwave Heating Pad for Chronic Pain Relief

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                       Microwave Heating Pad for Chronic Pain Relief

Microwave heating pads are pads or pillows that are filled with grains or seeds. Commonly used fillers are dried rice, corn, wheat and flaxseed. When warmed in the microwave, these pads become flexable, moldable, cordless heat pads that you can use again and again.

Microwave heating pads are typically a square or rectangle shape depending on how it will be used. Though usually the long rectangle shape is the most popular and versatile shape. The only limit in size is that it must be small enough to fit in your microwave and rotate freely.

These natural body warmers were even popular long before the invention of microwaves. In times past people warmed them in slow ovens or by placing near the wood burning stove. They were often used as bed warmers and many families kept one for each family member to take to bed each night. And of course, they were also used frequently for aches pains and illnesses.

These heating pads provide heat therapy for effective chronic pain relief. When a muscle is in spasm it compresses the blood vessels and reduces their ability to bring in blood and nutrients necessary for healing. Heat Therapy causes the blood vessels to dilate, providing the area with much needed blood for repair and long term pain relief. The heat also soothes and numbs the pain signals to the brain, and in response, the brain sends less spasm signals to the muscle, giving quick pain relief.

Heat Therapy also warms muscles and tissues, helping to relax, loosen, and become more flexible. This helps reduce pain and restore normal function and movement. This makes it easier to do gentle stretches and exercise which further aids the healing process.

Microwave Heating Pad for Chronic Pain Relief

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