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Cherry stone pillow jiamengdian pillow moulds to body contours

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Cherry stone pillow jiamengdian pillow moulds to body contours



Quick DetailsProperties:E-Cigarette, OtherPlace of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Model Number:HR00077Type:Massage PillowProperties:MassagerSpecificationsCherry thermal pillowCherry stone pillow The thermotherapy cherry stone pillow you can benifit from this therapeutic treatment.The unique thermal pillow is filed with cherry stones,a natural by-product in the manufacture of Hengrui.Tradition has it that the heat retaining properties of the cherry stone was understood by the swiss distillery workers who would tie them in small bags,place them on the factory stoves,and use them at the end of the day to treat stiff shoulders,backs and the general aches and pains of their toil.Now you can too,just place the stay-warm pillow in a 700w microwave oven for 3minutes and treat your own theraputic hot pack.Phosiotherapists and Beauty Therapists alike use the cherry stone pillow for localised heat treatments.After only a few minutes in the microwave,the stay-warm pillow gives out a long lasting,and penetrating heat that quickly conducts to the point of discomfort.Neck tension,stomach cramps,backache and headache are eased as pillow moulds to body contours.The cherry stone thermal pillow reacts equally well to lower temperatures.When wrapped in a plastic bag,and left in the freezer for a while the pillow becomes a perfect cold compress for sports injuries,bumps,sprains and puffy eyes.The strength of heat,without the danger of scalding makes the pillow ideal for use with toddlers and children.They love to cuddle up close in the cot or bed-and unlike conventional hot water bottles,the pillow will not cool to below the temperature of its surroundings,so it wont ever feel cold and clammy.The CE certificate for the cherry stone pillowis available.

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