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Zaccho Dance Theatre

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  Zaccho Dance Theatre

Founded in 1980, Zaccho Dance Theatre is a San Francisco based dance company. The company presents site-specific works as well as works inspired by environmental, cultural, and structural settings. Zaccho’s co-founder and artistic director, Joanna Haigood, is the company’s primary choreographer. The company has performed at prestigious festivals and art centers including the National Black Arts Festival, Fall for Dance Festival, Festival dAvignon in France, Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, the Walker Arts Center, and the McColl Center for Visual Art. The company also runs a free arts education program for students age 7 to 17 at its studio in Bayview-Hunters Point, San Francisco.

[edit] References Zaccho Dance Theatre Official Website New York Times review of Zaccho Dance Theatre performing "Picture Red Hook" in 2002 New York Times review of Zaccho Dance Theatre performing "Invisible Wings" in 2007 [edit] External links Archival footage of Zaccho Dance Theatre performing Joanna Haigoods site-specific work "Invisible Wings" at Jacobs Pillow in 1998 Archival footage of historian Eric Foner discussing the Underground Railroad in relation to Joanna Haigoods site-specific "Invisible Wings" and Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival in August 25, 2007

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