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Bed Rest Pillow With Arms

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Bed Rest Pillow With Arms

The Bed rest pillow with arms is more accessory-friendly, with a long, open-top accessory pocket running the length of the right arm. The pocket is conveniently elasticized at the top to prevent drops when carrying if you forgot and left something inside. This allows for quick zipperless access to any needed devices without leaving the cozy comfort of your supportive bedrest. This pillow with arms also has a firm ribbed border that runs along both arms and up the shoulders across the top. This ribbing helps add a little support, and can definitely match similar ribbing on furniture you have in your home. Available colors are mulberry and sandstone.

Bed rest pillow with arms  is appropriately named owing to its poodle-like furry texture that makes you want to cuddle right up with a good book. Available in lilac, pink, lime and turquoise colors, these shockingly bright pastel pillows are big hits with the kids and teens, and make great additions to a college dorm, allowing for individualistic expression. The back and sides are 100 per cent polyester; the poodle-style comfy front is a poly cotton and rayon blend. This is a pocketless pillow.

bed rest pillow with armsFinally there is the Animal Fur Bedrest, another big hit in game-rooms (no pun intended) and with the younger set. You can bring the feel wildest Africa into your bed or living room with these three popular wild animal prints. Available in zebra, tiger or ocelot faux-fur finish on the front, they are black on the back, and have no accessory pocket. The front finish is velvety and soft, and the back is a thinner nap. These wild animal finishes are definitely not conducive to sleep, but provide some fun flavor to reading, watching TV or just lounging. This bedrest is pocketless.

Bed Rest Pillow With Arms

Originally called a husband pillow or boyfriend pillow, the “pillow with arms” typically termed a bedrest pillow received its name from the fact that a woman could lean back against it and enclose herself in the warmth of the high back and arms while she read. Also great for therapeutic care, and used in hospitals around the world, they provide much needed support to those recouping from back injuries, and those who need help sitting up in bed.

Used today for any number of activities to aid in propping someone’s back up and giving arm support while in bed or sitting on any other flat surface, the pillow with arms has changed little in the hundreds of years since its origin. However, the fact that it is similar in style to the original doesn’t mean it does a poor job comforting modern men and women. On the contrary, the pillow with arms complements today’s lounging while offering each individual’s personality to display itself in the wide range of styles and patterns available.

If you can imagine a firm, solid pillow rectangular in design, yet thicker and larger than a normal sleeping pillow, with two armrests to help hold the arms at a comfortable angle for book-reading, knitting or writing, you have the basic idea of a pillow with arms. The current name comes from the Victorian era when they were widely employed to patients who were prescribed bedrest, though the current uses are limitless.

Brentwood corporation has been popular for making pillow with arms for years, and a few of their more popular pillow with arms are the Brushed Twill Bedrest, Faux Suede Bedrest, the aptly named Poodle Bedrest and Animal Fur Bedrest.

All Brentwood pillow with arms weigh 5 pounds, and are equipped with a strong, durable handle located at the center top of the backrest for easy handling and portability. The covers are sewn on, not removable, but spot cleaning is quick and easy. The supportive arms extend forward 18 inches from the back of the bedrest, the pillow is 18 inches high, and is 26 inches wide from arm to arm. Some Brentwood husbands come with pockets located on the exterior of one of the arms for convenient storage of remotes, iPods, magazines and whatever are accessories you need withing easy reach.

The next time you need to prop up, grab your favorite bedrest pillow and get sturdy, comfortable support while you enjoy a good book or your favorite show. Available in a wide range of styles, colors, patterns and finishes, there is a pillow with arms for every age and lounging activity.


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