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How to Make a Fleece Shoulder Wrap

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                                                          How to Make a Fleece Shoulder Wrap


Fleece is warm and versatile, and can be fashioned into a number of wearable items that require little or no sewing. A fleece shoulder wrap is easy enough for even beginning sewers to make. Embellishments like pockets, ribbon trim or appliques can be added as desired and skill level permits to personalize this simple shoulder wrap.


    • 1

      Lay the fleece out flat so the 1 1/2-yard edges form the top and bottom of the rectangle shape, and trim off the selvage edges or any uneven edges.

    • 2

      Find the center of the bottom edge, and mark this. Measure up 24 inches from the bottom edge and draw a straight line from the bottom edge to this point.

    • 3
    • Measure 2 inches on either side of the line at the bottom edge, then draw straight lines from these measurements to the 24-inch mark, curving the top to make an inverted U shape.

    • 4

      Cut out the inverted U shape, and then sew a 1/4-inch hem around this. This will be the neck area.

    • 5

      Sew a 1/2-inch hem around the rest of the piece, and add any desired embellishments.

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