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Buckwheat and Millet Pillows

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                                                              Buckwheat and Millet Pillows


Looking for the perfect pillow? Welcome, youve come to the right place!  Serenitys  pure, natural and organic pillows are the most pliable, supportive and comfortable pillows available. They induce deep relaxation and rejuvenating sleep by cradling your head and neck in just the right position  for proper spinal alignment. 


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Tired of Tossing and Turning?

Waking Up with Neck Pain, Again?


Most pillows dont provide proper neck support leaving you struggling to get comfortable enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. What a nightmare!


You need a pillow that conforms to your contours and keeps your head and neck elevated and in alignment with your spine. If you sleep on your side, you need between four and six inches of conforming support - otherwise your neck will bend. Organic buckwheat hulls and millet hulls are the two fillings that provide the best support for your head and the delicate vertebrae of your neck. They mold to your contours exactly, holding your head and neck in steady alignment, helping to eliminate neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, back aches, and tossing and turning.

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Why Buckwheat and Millet?

Organic buckwheat and millet hulls don’t compress and lose volume the way all other fiber, feather and foam pillows do.  Your buckwheat or millet pillow won’t flatten and let you down, causing your neck to bend.  


When you lay your head down, the hulls move into the hard to reach area under your neck and jaw, providing you with such a perfect fit you’ll feel your pillow was custom made.


Why Wool?

The only down side to buckwheat hulls is that they can feel hard under your ear when you sleep on your side. We solved that problem by adding a separate, thick layer of soft wool batting in the top chamber. You will love the cuddle up feeling the combination of hulls and wool gives you.

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Pure, Natural and Organic

Serenity Pillows are made from certified organic cotton, certified organic buckwheat or millet hulls, and Eco Wool. You will notice how clean and natural your Serenity Pillow feels.


The Dangers of Foam

 By contrast, memory foam pillows are made from polyurethane, which emits VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) right into your breathing area. VOCs are “toxic gases that cause health problems such as headaches; eye, nose and throat irritation; and dizziness, and contribute to more serious health issues from asthma to cancer, to damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system.” (Walt Bader, Lifekind Catalog, p.60)


Since you will spend one third of your life with your head on a pillow choose a pillow that  enhances the dynamics of sound sleep:

  • Cellular repair and rejuvenation - deep sleep is the time for healing your body from the stresses of the day.
  • REM sleep - critical for your mental well being

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What makes Serenity Pillows different?


Patented Dual Chamber Design

Since no single filling (except organic millet) can provide both comfort and support, Serenity Pillows gives you two fillings that work synergistically.


Uniquely shaped

Serenity Pillows are designed to optimize the flow of hulls to provide support where you need it most. Each pillow is shaped to best support your favorite sleep position - back, side or stomach - so look for the pillow that matches the way you like to sleep.


Side Sleepers: The high side walls on the Rejuvenation and Shambho Pillows allow more hulls to collect under your neck and chin to form a neck roll that’s sized for side sleeping.


Back Sleepers: The easy slope of the Priya or Neck-Relief Pillow provides gentle neck tractioning for back sleepers.

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