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What Can You Fill Microwave Pillows With?

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                                         What Can You Fill Microwave Pillows With?

The heat from microwave pillows soothes muscles or headaches, so the filling must stay heated a long time without cooling. It must be re-useable for a long period without changing it repetitively. Since the pillow goes in the microwave, it must also be safe so it wont explode. Only a few products fit these "musts." Adding aromatherapy herbs enhances the pillows soothing abilities. Whether purchasing a microwave pillow or making one, choose a filling that works best based on your personal needs.

Grains and Beans

  • Fill microwave pillows with grains like rice, buckwheat hulls or dry corn. Do not use instant rice because it becomes soft in the microwave. Grains have a high water content and the water heats up when in the microwave. Rice is a low cost filling and readily available in all grocery stores. Buckwheat hulls also contour to the body and have insulating properties that keep the pillow warm in cool temperatures and cool in warm temperatures. The biggest complaint with grain fillings is that over time the water content completely evaporates when heated too many times. Rice tends to develop a smell at this point. Dry beans can also be used, but they suffer from the same problem as grain fillings do after an extended period of use.

Flax Seed

  • Flax seed, like grain, retains heat for a long period, often up to 30 minutes. Each seed contains a high amount of oil that warms in the microwave, but does not evaporate over time. This means the flax seed is useable many times without losing effectiveness. Use whole flaxseed and not ground or meal, as the latter goes bad quickly and does not heat effectively like whole seeds do. Flax seed costs around $4 a pound at the time of publication. Grains and beans are often cheaper, but flax seed lasts longer.

  • Cherry Pits
  • According to the Essential Oil Company website, in Switzerland, Kirsch liqueur distillery workers would place discarded cherry pits in bags, heat them and use them to soothe aching muscles. That tradition is still used today for microwave pillows. When heated, the pits give off a cherry aroma. The pits do dry out over time, but you can spray them with a mist of water to get the moisture back.

Aromatherapy Herbs

  • Adding aromatherapy herbs with the filling may add an additional health benefit to the microwave pillows. For example, the University of Maryland Medical Center website points out that a small study showed that the scent of peppermint may help to clear sinuses and ease headaches. Historically, chamomile has been used to relax the nerves and aid in sleep, though people allergic to ragweed may have an adverse reaction to it, according to the plant fact sheet from the Purdue Guide to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. When heating the filling, the herbs heat up as well and their scent surrounds the user. As with most grain fillings, the herbs do lose scent over time. Replace the herbs when you replace the filling.


  • Do not leave microwave pillows in the microwave for more than two or three minutes. The material and filling may overheat. Do not re-heat the same pillow several times in one day, either, as it can cause a fire hazard as the grain loses moisture too quickly. If the pillow cools and you still need soothing, heat a second pillow instead of using the first again.

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