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What age can a baby/toddler use a pillow?

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                 What age can a baby/toddler use a pillow?

I know all about sids (well all that they know and teach us) and suffocation with a pillow and stuff like that, and I also know that it is best for everyone to not use a pillow, but most people do. So does anyone know when it is as safe as it can be?
Answers:Though theyre often sold with crib bedding sets, pillows are not recommended for children under 2 years of age, as children that small can easily suffocate while using one.

But if you want to give your child a pillow while hes still sleeping in a crib, give him a small one .However, its best to wait until your child is moving from a crib to a bed before introducing a pillow.

Your childs first pillow should be firm. A feather pillow is not recommended because its too soft and can smother a child if his head sinks into it while hes sleeping. Use your own judgment and give him a pillow when youre both ready.

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