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Cherry Pit Heating Pad

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                                                        Cherry Pit Heating Pad



A Cherry Pit Heating Pad is a unique heating pad/cooling pack, made with cherry pits. This is a natural, orgaic heating pad and cool packs. Warmed in a microwave oven for about 2 minutes, it becomes a safe, convenient, comfortable non-electric heating pad! Compared to a conventional hot water bottle there is no mess, time wasted to warm water, and it holds the heat much longer than any water bottle. You can also place in your freezer and you have a convenient and flexible cold pack.

Down through the ages, people have used hot and cold compresses to relieve aches, pain, and discomfort. Cherry pits have the unique ability to retain and slowly release moist heat. Warmed in a microwave or chilled in a freezer, this is what makes the cherry pit pack so soothing and comfortable. The round smooth cherry pit conforms to the shape of the body, allowing the heat or cold to penetrate hard to reach areas. It is also a soothing massager when the cherry pits are rolled gently against the back. The cherry pit pack is all-natural, environmentally friendly.

The regular size will wrap over your shoulder or around your neck, around your knee or ankle. I personally like to warm it and drop it down behind my lower back while riding in the car. The pillow size spreads the cherry pits over a larger area and will cool down faster but by spreading  the cherry pits out offers relief to a larger area, about the size of an electric heating pad.  Choose the size that is right for you! The flexible seeds snuggle close to your body to bring instant relief.

Cherry Pit Heating Pad are a great source of relief for many of the things that ail you. Always check with your doctor for recommendations when using heat or cold therapies. Do not use without Doctors permission on your mid section if you are pregnant.  Watching forums and blogs on the internet, people have shared that they receive many benefits from the microwaveable heating pads including discomfort and pain from Arthritis, Bursitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia. Relief is also found when using the Cherry Pit microwaveable heating/cold pack for Muscular pain, cramps, headaches, earaches, neck aches, sore feet and hands, and headaches from tension,, migraine, or sinuses just to name a few.

Cherry pit packs & aromatherapy? Of course! Place a few drops of essential oil on your cherry pit pack before you place it in your microwave. As it heats up the moisture within the warm cherry pit pack releases the fragrant aroma of the essential oils. Sit back and relax and let the cherry pit pack warm and comfort your body while the aromatherapy soothes your soul.

Cherry Pit Heating Pad have 100% cotton or cotton flannel covering. All are filled with dried, commercially cleaned, & chemical free cherry pits from the great state of Michiganthe Cherry Capital of the World. There will be a distinct, not always pleasant, cherry smell the first few times you warm your cherry pit pack, but it will soon lose that smell and be nearly odorless, maybe slightly woodsy. Need moist heat? Occasionally dampen with water before placing in microwave.

All may be machine washed and dried if necessary.   To wash in machine, place in pillow case and tie shut.  Place in washing machine on delicate cycle with small amount of detergent.  Place in dryer with towels to dry(leave in pillow case).  Once nearly dry  remove your Cherry Pit pack from the pillow case and place in microwave, warm for two minutes, and lay out to finish drying out.  See below

Never microwave more than 2 minutes.  Rewarm for about 1 1/2 minutes at a timeDo not overheat.  If you overheat, you will get a burned wood smell.  This will not come out by cleaning.  You may have to open your Cherry Pit Heating Pad and remove scourched Cherry Pits. 

Remember the heat is much more comfortable from a moist heating pad so as the cherry pits dry out, moisten them to let them absorb moisture back into the seeds.  Be sure not to over wet your Cherry Pit Heating Pad to avoid mold & mildew growth.

Cherry Pit Heating Pad


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