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Grape Seed Pillow

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             Grape Seed Pillow

     Grape Seed Pillow is a traditional household remedy for warming or cooling different areas of the body. The grape seeds inside the pillow are heated and can store and give off warmth a lot longer than the conventional hot-water bottle.

   Grape Seed Pillow nestles against the body. The filigree seeds adapt to the shape of the body and have a pleasant massaging effect. It is suitable to use on sensitive areas of the body such as the ears or the face.

   Grape Seed Pillow, used as a warm compress, alleviates ailments such as joint pain, tense muscles, rheumatism or menstrual cramps. Furthermore, it is suitable for warming cold feet or children's prams or beds.

       Used as a cooling pad medesign's Grape Seed Pillow allays e.g. inflammations, head- or toothaches, irritated eyes (e. g. due to hay fever), muscular strains, swellings, bruises or sprains.

Further Information

Heating: The Grape Seed Pillow is warmed in an oven at 100 °C maximum. In a microwave (without grilling or hot-air function => danger of fire!) start off at the lowest level and if necessary increase the temperature until the cushion is nice and warm (please follow microwave instructions). If less warmth is desired the cushion can also be placed on a radiator. Cooling: To use the Grape Seed Pillow as a cooling pad simply cool it down to the desired temperature in the freezer or refrigerator. Material: Cushion: 100 % cotton. Filling: Dried and cleaned grape seeds.

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