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How to Make a Buck Hull Pillow

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  How to Make a Buck Hull Pillow

Buck hull pillows, otherwise known as buckwheat pillows, are wonderful for the neck and back. Sleeping on a buck hull pillow can reduce neck pain and headaches, and they can result in a better night's sleep. They can be quite expensive to purchase in stores, but luckily they can be very inexpensive and easy to make yourself. Discover the easiest way to make your own buck hull pillow.


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    Start by buying your buckwheat hulls. If you have a health food store in your area, they usually sell inexpensive buckwheat hulls. If you do not have a health food store near you, you can always buy buckwheat hulls online. Buy as many hulls as you think you would like. For a larger body pillow you will need a lot more buckwheat hulls than for an eye pillow. Buckwheat hulls are very light. A standard-size pillow should take about 1 lb. of buckwheat hulls.

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    Next, you will need to make the shell of your pillow. You will need a cotton cloth that is thick enough to sleep on, and you can size it however large you want your pillow to be. For a standard pillow you will need 1 yd. of cotton cloth. Fold the cotton cloth over so that you have a side that has a fold in it, and sew along the edges using small stitches. Leave about 4 inches unsewn on one side of the pillow. Once you have tied off your thread, turn your pillow inside out leaving the seams on the inside.

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    Finally, pour the buckwheat hulls into your pillow using your hand. If you like a denser pillow, use more buckwheat hulls to make it plumper. When your buck hull pillow is as full as you would like it, turn the edges of the hole in and sew it closed using small stitches. You now have your very own buck hull pillow.

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