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DIY Eye Pillow

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             DIY Eye Pillow

For anyone with basic sewing skills, an eye pillow is very easy to make at home. You just need a small amount of fabric, and the construction method only involves cutting and sewing straight lines. It is possible to sew these by hand, but using a sewing machine makes the project very quick to complete. It's an ideal last minute gift idea. The addition of fragrant lavender or flax seed adds an element of aromatherapy to the pillows.


  1. Fold the 9-by-9-inch square of fabric in half so that the right sides are facing.

  2. Place pins along the three side seams of the folded fabric rectangle.

      3 .   Thread your sewing machine and set it to a short, straight stitch. Sew a seam with a 1/2-inch allowance along the first short end of the folded fabric piece, back-stitching a few times at the starting point of the seam.

      4.         When you get to 1/2 inch from the long edge of the folded fabric piece, stop with the needle down. Lift the presser foot, pivot the fabric piece 90 degrees, lower the presser foot and sew the long seam up to 1/2 inch from the other short end. Stop with the needle down.

      5.     Lift the presser foot, pivot the fabric piece 90 degrees, lower the presser foot and sew the second short seam up to 2 inches before the folded edge. Back-stitch a few times, cut the thread and remove the fabric from your sewing machine.

     6.    Diagonally trim the two corners at each end of the seamed long side with scissors. Turn the fabric pocket right-side-out through the 2-inch gap you left in the final seam.

     7.    Pour about 2 cups of uncooked rice in a bowl and crumble a few tablespoons worth of lavender or flax seeds into it with your hands. Mix it into the rice with a spoon, then spoon the mixture into your pillow through the 2-inch gap until it is about half full.

     8.    Fold the raw fabric edges along the 2-inch gap inside the pillow, fold it with your fingers to match the machine-sewn seam and hold it in place with a pin. Hand-stitch the seam closed.

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