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Buckwheat Pillows & Allergy

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                              Buckwheat Pillows & Allergy

Buckwheat pillows are a popular option for allergy sufferers because they are less allergenic than comparable products, such as down pillows. These pillows that are stuffed with the hulls of this popular Asian plant bring great relief to many who struggle to find a pillow that is comfortable and does not cause an increase in allergy symptoms.

What Is Buckwheat?

  • Buckwheat is a seed that is commonly grown in China and Iraq, although it is grown throughout the world. It is in the same family as rhubarb. It makes an excellent substitute for wheat and other small grains, including rice, barley, oats and rye. The seed is used to make noodles, particularly in Japan. It is also used in cakes, breads, soups and even beer.

Health Benefits of Buckwheat

  • Buckwheat is not only a food, it can also be used in medical treatments. It is commonly used to treat high blood pressure, hemorrhage in the retina, gout, varicose veins and radiation damage. It can also be used as a balm to restore the flow of milk in nursing mothers. There is also some evidence that it can be used as a treatment for eczema and liver disorders. Taking buckwheat with vitamin C aids in the absorption of the seed.

    In addition to these benefits, buckwheat is much less allergenic than other comparable substances, and it is a great alternative for those with numerous allergies to small grains.

Bedding Options

  • The hulls of buckwheat are frequently used as the filling in cushions in many Asians countries. Buckwheat pillows are also a popular use of buckwheat hulls. The makers of this type of pillow state that they conform better to the neck and head than the more popular feather pillows. This, they note, can encourage better sleep and a reduction in neck and back pain.

    Buckwheat pillows can also be cooled or heated for additional benefits in the reduction of pain.

Hypoallergenic Pillow

  • Buckwheat pillows have gained popularity in recent years because they are free of the more allergenic down feathers that are frequently found in pillows. They offer a great option for those who have several different types of allergies to items prevalent in their pillows. Buckwheat pillows are frequently termed "hypoallergenic."


  • Although buckwheat pillows are frequently regarded as an optimal solution for allergy sufferers, this may not always be the case. Buckwheat itself can be an allergen and cause an allergic reaction in certain individuals. The term "hypoallergenic" does not guarantee a lack of an allergic reaction. The term only indicates that an allergic reaction is less likely than with other similar products.

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