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Flaxseed Pillows Benefits

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                                Flaxseed Pillows Benefits


Flaxseed Pillows are designed for many treatment options and applications. They are also made from the finest materials. We use only natural, tiny, flat, smooth seeds that give the pillows the flexibility to form to any shape. Because of the seed’s oil content, when covered with a blanket, the pillows keep the heat or cold for up to 2 hours.


When heated and applied to the body Flax Seed Pillows release a comforting, moist heat. Heated pillows:
Are very beneficial in soothing sore and tight muscles
Are ideal for someone with an arthritic condition as heated
pillows reduce the pain of inflamed joints
Can be used as a liver pack to support detoxification.
Produce a calming effect and help curb insomnia
Act as warming pads - they heat cold hands and feet
Can be taken to bed they’ll stay snugly warm all night

Hot-Packs help:

Relax your body

Calm your mind

Relieve headaches

Warm cold feet

Diminish Fibromyalgia

Soothe Arthritis pain

Soothe tummy discomfort

Reduce joint pains

Lessen Diabetes side effects

Reduce PMS symptoms

Reduce Cold and Flu symptoms

Relieve poor circulation

Ease sore, achy and tight muscles

Support neck and head

Decrease Insomnia/ Promote sleep

Reduce cramps

Help Essential Oils penetrate deeper


When chilled and applied to the body Flax Seed Pillows emit a cold that is gentle and soothing to your body, in just the right way. The quality fabric of the pillow covers distributes the cooling effect of a chilled Flax Seed Pillow to your skin and muscles.

Cold-Packs help:

Promote healing after surgery

Reduce inflammation and swelling

Comfort migraines

Ease heat and pain of strains & sprains

Ease headaches

Soothe your body on warm summer days


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