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Kapok Pillow Benefits

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                           Kapok Pillow Benefits


       Kapok is a 100% organic material. No additives, chemicals or pesticides have been used in the process.

     Dust mites and bacteria can't live in kapok and it repels moisture, making kapok allergy friendly.

    The fabric used with our kapok pillows is made from organic cotton with no added colors or chemicals, only the natural color of cotton. The fabric is certified organic and has been tested as 100% dust mite proof, your guarantee for the best quality kapok pillow. 

     Our luxurious kapok pillows have a zip so you can adjust the fill and height of your pillow. We have carefully considered the best place for the zip so as not to disrupt your sleeping comfort and therefore the zip is along the seam of the short end of the pillow. Many of our customers like to turn their pillow over in the night and the placement of the zip does not interfere with this.


More reasons to choose The Kapok Pillow?

Kapok fiber comes from the pod of a large tree and is silky soft to touch.
Kapok was used in the 50's for mattresses and pillows but was outmoded with the introduction of synthetic materials. Today we are becoming increasingly concerned for our health and the environment and Kapok Pillows address both of these issues naturally.

Kapok pillows have three great qualities:

1)They are comfortable. kapok pillows are soft and malleable, and can be shaped to any desired sleeping position. Excellent for those who need extra neck  support.
2) They are healthy. Naturally grown kapok fiber repels dust mites without being treated with toxic chemicals. It also repels moisture, making it resistant to mold and mildew, which is especially good for tropical climates.
3) They are environmentally friendly. Only the pods are harvested, so it is a sustainable crop and does not need any pesticides or irrigation. Also there is very low energy in production.

Other benefits of our kapok pillows are:

 • Superior quality hand fluffed kapok
 •Harvesting the kapok fiber creates sustainable jobs for local communities
 •Fine quality organic cotton

Kapok fiber lasts for such a long time, so that when your pillow shell gets too worn you can just buy a new empty pillow shell from us for a fraction of the cost of a new pillow and easily transfer the kapok.

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