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Benefits of Buckwheat Pillows

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A Buckwheat pillow will help you sleep better, as pillow provides

excellent support for the head, neck and back. Its’ design, contours to

the weight and shape of the body while you sleep.

 They are used to support the neck and the head while you sleep, to

improve posture, to relax tense neck muscles and even to prevent snoring.

The pillow itself is filled with natural buckwheat hulls that guarantees

comfort and support.

Why Use Buckwheat Pillows
Buckwheat is a natural material and it has many benefits that some of the

traditional pillow fillings do not have. Unlike down feather pillows that

can be comfy but very soft, buckwheat pillows are firmer and more

supportive. The buckwheat hulls inside the cushion adjust to the shape of

your head and your neck. This means they support you in exactly the right

places while also minimizing any uneven pressure on parts of your head.

A buck wheat pillow is an excellent option in all climates. The natural

filling stays cool in the heat of the summer but is comfortably warm and

insulating in the winter. The filling lasts for years and gives you good

value for your money. These pillows also eco-friendly as the natural

filler is better for the environment than many synthetic fillings

An organic buckwheat pillow is the most environmentally friendly option

and can also be the best choice if you or anyone in your family suffers

from chemical allergies, as the organic filling has not been sprayed with

chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Some pillows also contain dried herbs,

such as lavender that can improve sleep and relieve pain. Lavender and

other herbs give the buckwheats a nice fragrance.

Tips for Buying Buckwheat Pillows
There is a large variety pillows on the market in different shapes and

sizes. If you suffer from neck or upper back pain, choose a smaller pillow

that is designed especially for head and neck support. There are also

full-size cushions that provide support for the whole body whether you are

lying down or sitting upright in the bed or in a chair. These can be very

useful for pregnant women who may need to prop up different parts of the

body as their pregnancy advances. Pillows in different sizes and shapes

can be placed under the lower back or any part of the body that needs

orthopedic support.

A good pillow has a zipper that lets you remove any excess filling if you

need to make the cushion softer, or to add new hulls if you need to make

it firmer. The hulls do not need to be replaced regularly but you can do

so if you want to change the firmness of the cushion.

When buying a buckwheat pillow, try to find one that has an easily

removable cover you can wash in a machine. The filling should not be

washed and it should not be allowed to get wet at all. You can air the

pillow every now and then by hanging it on the washing line outside in the

sun. Good quality pillows can last several years.
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