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Types of pillows

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Pillow - Types of pillows

A pillow is designed to provide both support and comfort to the area of the body resting upon it. The design of each pillow reflects the type of support that it is intended to provide.

  • Body pillows are as long as a full adult body, providing support to the head and neck at the top and to the knees and legs lower down. This type of pillow can be especially useful in providing support for those who sleep on their sides and for pregnant women.
  • Neck pillows support the neck by providing a deep area for the head to rest and a supportive area to keep the neck in alignment. These can also be known as cervical pillows.
  • Travel pillows provide support for the neck and head in a sitting position. Their convenient "U" shape fits around the neck and keeps the head from slipping into an uncomfortable and possibly harmful position during sleep.
  • A husband pillow (also known as a bedrest) is a large, high-backed pillow with two "arms". It is conventionally used to prop oneself upright while in bed, as for reading or watching television.
  • Donut pillows are shaped like a donut, with a space in the middle to alleviate pressure on the tailbone area. These pillows are used primarily by individuals who have suffered an injury to the tailbone area or who suffer pain from hemorrhoids or another ailment of the colon.
  • Lumbar pillows are designed to support the inward curve of the lower back, filling the space created when in a sitting position. These pillows are generally used while driving or sitting for extended periods of time, such as in an office chair.
  • Spillow Pillow is a new type of body pillow that is naturally contoured to help alleviate lower back pain like the body pillow but shaped more like a spooning position. These pillows are used in bed during sleep.
  • Using a pillow under the knees while sleeping on the back can relieve low back pain by helping to reduce the curve of the lower back in this position.
  • Using a pillow between the knees while sleeping on the side can prevent the upper leg from pulling downward and creating a twist in the spine.
    Some pillows may also provide additional aids to relaxation, such as a heating pad or aromatherapy. Sleeping without a pillow can cause discomfort and soreness for some people, but it seems completely healthy to sleep without a pillow.
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