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Find Happiness and Put a Spring in Your Step

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How to Find Happiness and Put a Spring in Your Step Spring is coming. And with it comes longer days, blossoming flowers and the special smell of optimism. Sure, the economy is flat and things could be 'easier' but why not use this time of renewal as an opportunity to be in the pursuit of happiness. This Spring, take the time to find the joy in the ordinary. In other words, put a joyful spring in your step. Keep reading for simple suggestions to assist in your pursuit of happiness.


Happiness is taking care of your body and your mind.
Exercise daily and get your sleep because joyful spirits reside in fit and well rested bodies. And don’t fret about the economy. Be happy about the simple things, like your good health. Wealth is like health, it’s absence can make us miscible but having it sure doesn’t guarantee our happiness.


Happiness is managing your time.
Happy people feel in control, often by mastering their use of time. Set clear goals and break them into manageable steps. Try to find the simple joy in your activities. Become absorbed in a challenge but don’t get overwhelmed by it.


Happiness is fostering close relationships.
One of the most important predictors for happiness is the support of close relationships. Find the joy in the friendships you have, in the people who care about you can help you weather difficult times. Appreciate them. Show them you appreciate them.


Happiness is being helpful and giving thanks.
Doing good deeds for others makes you feel happy. It’s the right thing to do. If it’s not part of your current mindset, Spring is the time for renewal. And be grateful. Pause to think about what you have rather than what you don’t.


Happiness is nurturing your spirit.
Faith can provide you with a sense of joy, purpose and hope. Studies find actively religious people are happier and cope better with crises than non religious people.

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