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How to Choose a Pillow

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A good night's sleep is the foundation of a successful day, and a pillow that matches your sleep style goes a long way toward quality rest.


Determine your sleep style: lying on your back; side; or stomach. Pay attention to what position you’re in when you wake up. The position in which you find yourself most frequently is your sleep style. For a second opinion, ask the person with whom you sleep.


Visit a store that carries bedding. Department stores tend to be good choices for one-stop shopping and often have a wide variety of prices, styles and quality. Specialty stores exist here and there and may have some brands or styles that the big stores don't carry.


Determine what kind of pillow best suits your sleep style. Many pillows will be labeled as “back”, “side” or “stomach”. A side sleeper needs a thicker pillow because when resting on a shoulder his/her head will be further from the bed. A down pillow (or synthetic equivalent) is the softest type of pillow but does not offer much support, making it the best choice for a back or stomach sleeper. A side sleeper will be probably be most comfortable with a fiberfill-type pillow, which is usually thicker than a down pillow. If you have allergies, look for a pillow labeled “hypoallergenic”.


What about Tempurpedic pillows? The Swedish brand and several others make pillows from a foam-like material that conforms to the contours of your body. Most of these pillows are pre-shaped, which means that not everyone will find them comfortable. Side sleepers will have the most trouble finding a comfortable pillow made from this material since the pillows tend not to offer enough support for the neck. However, if they are available it’s certainly worth including them in your search.


Test the pillow in the store. After selecting a few candidate pillows, take them to a display bed in the store and lie down with each one in the same position in which you normally sleep. Do not test the pillow on the floor unless that’s your normal sleeping spot. Your body will not sink into the floor the same way it will into a bed. Also be conscious of how the firmness of the store bed compares to your own.


Test the pillow at home. Many stores will accept a returned pillow, which allows you to take said pillow home to really see how it performs. Make sure to check the store’s return policy on pillows before trying this. If you sleep well for a couple nights with a single pillow, you’ve found the one.


Don't consider the pillow's price until after you've choosen your pillow, and don't be afraid to pay a lot to get the pillow that best fits you. Since your quality of sleep affects everything you do the rest of the day, a good pillow is a sound investment.
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