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cleaning feather and polyfiber pillow

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Pillow need to be cleaned regularly, at least every six months .That’s because a pillow that hasn’t been cleaned recently contains high amounts of sloughed skin, mold and mildew, fungus, dust mites and dust feces.

Now let me introduce how to wash regular polyfiber and feather pillow, actually they can be clean in variouse way- hand wash, machine wash, or dry clean. Of course, it's  important  that before attempting to wash your pillows you should read the care instructions on the pillow.

Synthetic Fiber pillows can also be hand or machine-washed the same way as before. Lower quality fiber pillows may bunch up after cleaning. If that happens, pull out the fibers and redistribute them after drying. In synthetic pillows use the spin dry feature only once, so that the fibers bunch up as little as possible.

Feather pillows can be washed by hand or dry-cleaned. Hand-Wash them exactly as you would with a down pillow but using less detergent. Also keep in mind that feather pillows are harder to get wet because feather tends to repel water. Don’t forget to use a little vinegar during the rinsing. Foam pillows can only be hand-washed very gently with mild detergent. Mix water and detergent first, then gently squeeze the soapy water into the pillow by pressing smoothly on the pillow repeatedly. Don’t wring or twist them, they are very delicate. Rinse well using vinegar during rinse. Wool pillows should be dry-cleaned because of their material, which makes it very difficult and unsafe for them to be cleaned in any other way.

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