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Man held pillow over wife's face

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A PLYMOUTH man repeatedly cut his arms with a bread knife and held a pillow over the face of his estranged wife, a court heard.

Robert Kane, aged 28, accused her of seeing another man and threatened to throw himself from the Tamar Bridge.

District judge Paul Farmer, sitting at Plymouth Magistrates' Court, called it a 'very unpleasant incident'.

He put Kane on a two-year supervision order, ordered that he complete 120 hours of unpaid work and attend a programme to tackle domestic abuse.

Mr Farmer also ordered Kane to pay £180 in compensation for a fridge freezer damaged in the incident, £40 in compensation for the attack and £43 in prosecution costs.


Kane, of Norton Avenue, Lipson, had earlier admitted assaulting his wife by beating and causing criminal damage to her fridge freezer on March 2.

Sophie Baker, prosecuting, told Plymouth magistrates that Kane, who appeared to be drunk, called at his estranged wife's home just after 2am. She let him in and they started talking about their relationship.

The court heard that he wanted them to get back together but she told him that she did not want to reconcile.

Kane then went to the kitchen and started swallowing tablets. Mrs Baker said that the woman managed to 'fish some of the tablets' out of his mouth. But he pushed her away, bruising her hip against the fridge.

The court heard that Kane then picked up a bread knife and began slicing across his arm. He did stop cutting himself at first but then stabbed the freezer. He then threatened to throw himself from the Tamar Bridge.

The court heard that the incident continued throughout the night, with Kane calming down at one point and the woman going to bed.

But Mrs Baker said that she awoke to find Kane holding a pillow over face. She tried to move but was trapped under his weight beneath the court. Kane lifted the pillow from her face after about 10 seconds.

Tracey Baker, defending, said that the incident was out of character and that since then Kane had been teetotal.

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