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Fresh Cherry Stone Pillow

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                                   Fresh Cherry Stone Pillow
Quick Details

Material:100% Cotton

Filling:cherry stone

Age Group:Adults


Use:Neck, Body, Sleeping, Nursing, Bedding

Feature:Therapy, Cooling,

Filled with natural cherry stone,can heat in microwave oven. And disinfected by ultraviolet radiation,,sterilized with CE.Hot or cold thermotherapyWashableEco-friendly100%naturalCherry stone pillow for natural thermotherapy,hot or cold.Whether you need to relieve muscle tension with heat or reduce swelling with cold, this comfortable u-shaped pillow for your neck is the solution. Microwave it for a warm session, or freeze it to apply cool pressure to a problem area.For hot therapy,warm about 3 minutes in microwave and the heat-retaining cherry stones give out a long-lasting penetrating warmth, to ease neck tension,stomach aches,backache,headache,cold hands and feets and more.For cold therapy just leave the pillow in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer for an instant first aid treatment for bruises,burns or puffy eyes.Features a soothing chamomile and lavender scent.It is washable,eco-friendly,and 100% natural product.Our cherry stone pillows aredisinfected by ultraviolet radiation,sterilized in the laboratory,we can provide necessary certificates for customersBelow is our CE certificate.

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