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Baby Feeding Know-How at Your Fingertips

Author:pillow.com.cn   Time:2012-11-29 10:33:00

             Baby Feeding Know-How at Your Fingertips

Modern baby foods and recipes set your child up for obesity and poor eating habits. But did you know you can easily make food to keep your child slim, strong, and eager to eat healthy meals? You'll discover just how to do this and more:

  • Why new moms are able to make baby food with even the busiest of schedules... even if they're totally lost in the kitchen.
  • WARNING - you may be feeding your baby these 2 common first foods that destroys baby's digestion
  • The truth about food allergies. Why introducing these 3 foods early is a good idea.
  • What you shouldn't give your baby before age 2
  • If you've got five minutes of time, I guarantee you can make a healthy meal for your baby
  • No more fighting over food. Just use this method to get your baby eating solid foods with gusto.
  • Better than organic baby food. Give your baby 9x the nutrition of jarred baby foods - even organic ones!
  • The top 4 baby foods every mom should know about
  • The single most important nutrient your baby's brain needs (and they're telling you not to give it to him!)

I help moms with nutrition issues ranging from preconception to toddler meals - and I consistently provide valuable advice that makes a real difference for them, and most importantly for their babies.

Not to mention I'm raising up five healthy, happy kids with the same nutrition principles I teach. I've learned more and more along the way - but I consistently \"walk my talk\". My vibrant, bright, healthy children have never had a major illness, recover from seasonal bugs quickly, have never had a cavity or tooth problems, do great at their schoolwork and play, and well... I think Cassidy, Asher, Brennan, Galen, and Honor are all pretty darn cute ;)


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