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How Forgotten Wisdom Opened My Eyes to the Keys of a Happy, Healthy Baby

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                   How Forgotten Wisdom Opened My Eyes to the Keys of a Happy, Healthy Baby

I knew I didn't want my children caught in the modern health epidemics - I looked for any information I could get my hands on. I was stunned by the peace and confidence mothers used to have:

  • Relax and enjoy your healthy baby - free from worries your baby isn't getting the right nutrients. The foods you give your baby have been tested and proven by centuries of healthy children.
  • Save money on expensive foods and supplements - Your baby gets the right nutrients (and his body absorbs them).
  • Trust your baby's timing - traditional peoples instinctively knew their babies would tell them when it was time for new foods. Develop the same trust and instinctive confidence.
  • Freedom from dependence on \"experts\" with financial motivation - know you give your baby foods because they nourish her, not because you fell for marketing hype.
  • Enjoy food the way it's meant to be - food becomes a simple pleasure rather than a long list of sinister-sounding ingredients.
  • More time for the experiences that matter to you - tasty and uncomplicated food means you get out of the kitchen and back to enjoying your baby and your life.
  • Confidence your child is developing good eating habits - you and your child both discover a rich heritage of good food and good health.
  • Know your breastmilk is STILL best for your baby - unlock the key to nursing your baby for long-lasting good health (and how to combine your life-giving milk with wholesome solid foods).


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