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How to Sew a Wrap

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                                                              How to Sew a Wrap


Sewing a wrap is a simple matter. The complicated part is choosing just ONE cloth to buy at the fabric store. If you figure that one out, let me know. Fabric choices for sewn wraps are the same as for no-sew wraps with one exception. Since you will be sewing (or serging) the edges, you can choose woven cloth that has unfinished selvages, fleeces that don't necessarily curl when cut, and cotton knits that don't necessarily curl when cut. PLEASE read the instructions for No-Sew Wraps before proceeding.

Okay, after you have chosen your cloth, you cut it to the right dimensions. Typically 20 to 35 inches wide and at least 5 yards long. *

Now, you serge all the way around the four sides. If you don't have a serger, you can hem all the way around the four sides. Some moms have had success going to a sewing machine store and borrowing the serger for 5 minutes, maybe for free, maybe for $2- $5. Also, you could go to a tailor or the dry cleaners and they might hem it or serge it for an affordable price.

I strongly recommend against buying 2.5 yards, cutting it in half and stitching it together to make 5 yards. This is not only a pain in the toukas, it also gives you a seam to worry about -- a weight-bearing seam, no less. If you MUST do this, then be sure to use a French Seam.

Remember, you can always make a no-sew wrap.


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