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Herbal Wraps & Pillows

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            Herbal Wraps & Pillows

The appealing aroma of herbs is only of their many benefits. Herbs are increasingly used in salon and spa treatments and also the at-home versions of those treatments. Knowing the different uses of herbs as well as the advantages and possible disadvantages of herbal therapies, like herbal wraps and pillows, helps to provide rewarding beauty treatments


  • There are two types of herbal wraps: fabric or towels that are saturated with herb-infused water, also known as herbal body wraps, and blanket-like cloths filled with dried herbs. Salons and spas offer herbal body wraps as a way to lose weight and to detoxify and soothe the skin. Because the fabric used in body wraps is wet, warm and placed all over the body, the skin flushes out excess water, in the form of sweat, and impurities are purged from the skin. Blanket-like herbal wraps are used for both heat and cold therapy, but are used primarily for dry applications. These wraps help with muscle relaxation and aromatherapy.


  • Herbal pillows are comparable to herbal wraps except that they are smaller in size, but more pillow-like instead of blanket-like. With their small size, pillows can be applied to the eyes, neck, or other smaller areas of the body. Common uses for herbal pillows include heat and cold therapy to relax or numb painful muscles, aromatherapy and sleep and relaxation aids. Some herbal pillows are also marketed as ways to create prophetic dreams or increase dreams' vividness.

Common Herbs

  • In herbal body wraps, common ingredients include aloe vera, chamomile and rose hips. Aloe vera helps to heal and soothe skin, as does chamomile. Rose hips are very high in vitamin C and help to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

    In herbal wraps and pillows, lavender is frequently used to promote sleep and relaxation. Mint, eucalyptus or rosemary are included in pillows and wraps designed to invigorate or stimulate. Lemon balm and lemon grass are used in herbal pillows for headache relief.


  • For herbal body wraps, research the salon or spa providing the service to ensure that the individual responsible for applying the wrap has sufficient knowledge about the procedure. As prices for an herbal body wrap can vary, confirm the exact details and cost of the procedure and whether additional services are desired. After having an herbal body wrap, stay hydrated as the wrap will deplete the body of fluids.

    Before purchasing or making an herbal pillow, research the herbs included in the product. The herbs used in the pillow should not only smell appealing, but should reflect the purpose of the herbal pillow, like stress relief or mental stimulation.


  • Always check with a doctor prior to using any heat-based herbal body wraps. Excessive heat can be particularly draining and damaging, especially to people with high blood pressure and other medical conditions. Also, inform the body wrap technician of any medical conditions to safeguard against unnecessary complications from the procedure. As with any herbal products, allergic reactions are possible from both herbal body wraps and herbal pillows. A thorough knowledge of all ingredients included in wraps and pillows, even those that are not herbs, prevents potentially dangerous complications arising from allergies.


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