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How to Make a Herbal Sleep Pillow

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                            How to Make a Herbal Sleep Pillow

For centuries, herbs have been used to induce a restful sleep. Herbs have been traditionally steeped in teas, used in baths or simmered in aromatherapy pots to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that allows one to fall into a deep slumber. An herbal sleep pillow is another time-honored way to use the sleep-inducing power of herbs. An herbal sleep pillow provides a continuous scent of lavender and mint that works all night. The pillow also serves as a room freshener during the day, filling the bedroom with the light fragrance of mint and lavender.


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      Sew the two pieces of cheesecloth together using a whipstitch, leaving one side open. Stuff the cheesecloth sachet with the dried herbs. Sew the remaining open side closed.

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      Place the two pieces of cotton fabric on top of each other, inside out. Starting at one edge, sew three sides together using a hemstitch and leaving one side of the pillow open.

  • Turn the pillow right-side out. Poke out the corners with a knitting needle or a capped ballpoint pen.

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    Stuff the cotton batting into the pillow until the pillow is approximately one-third filled. Place the herbal sachet into the middle of the pillow. Stuff the cotton batting around the sachet into place. Finish stuffing the pillow with batting.

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    Fold down the two raw edges into the inside of the pillow opening, about 1/4 inch. Pin the edges together. Sew the edges together with the coordinating thread, using small, neat stitches. Knot the thread at the end of the side and poke the needle through the fabric to hide the knot. Snip the thread so no tail is in view.


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