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My Christmas Pillow

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                                                       My Christmas Pillow

This Christmas story to be told to children or used in an all-age setting. All you need is a pillow with a white pillowcase. As you tell the story of the nativity you use the pillow as a prop to enhance the impact. You might like to invite a boy and a girl to come out the front and assist you with each of the pillow posotions. Have fun with your reactions and invite the children to respond. The photos give you some guide.
(Holding up the pillow) Who can tell me how many more sleeps there are till Christmas Day?

Some people will be hanging up empty pillowcases this Christmas time in the hope of receiving some presents on Christmas Day. But let me show you what I’ve called My Christmas Pillow. This pillow reminds me in lots of ways about the true meaning of Christmas

\"\" Let me show you My Christmas Pillow’

The Christmas story goes way back to a time when a teenage girl named Mary loved God very much. She had an unexpected visit from an angel at her home in Nazareth.

 What a surprise for Mary to have God’s messenger come and visit her with some special news. The Angel named Gabriel told Mary that she was to have a very special baby who’s name was to be Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High-God.

(This angel might have had big wings like these.)

  \"\"Hold the pillow firmly in the middle to make it look like wings.

Mary looked very, very surprised!

Mary soon saw that the words of the angel were true and she knew she was going to have a baby. Mary and Joseph had to travel a long way back to the town where they had been born - to Bethlehem. I don’t think poor Mary and Joseph would have had a saddle on the donkey or anything like a soft pillow for the pregnant Mary to lie down on at night time.

  \"\"she was going to have a baby\"\"saddle on a donkey

When they finally arrived at the town of Bethlehem they soon found that the place was crowded with lots of people who had come back to be counted by the Romans. Joseph tried hard to find a comfortable place for Mary to have her baby but as he knocked on doors all he was told was that there was no room for them to stay.

\"\"...as he knocked on doors...

 Joseph kept on trying until eventually an innkeeper found a place around the back in the stable with some animals. 

\"\" It might have looked a bit like a stable or a cave.

At least now Mary could lie down as the baby was about to be born. And that’s what happened on that first Christmas night. Mary gave birth to the beautiful baby- the baby Jesus. She wrapped him up in cloths and placed him in a manger.

\"\"... Mary wrapped him up in cloths. (Hold the pillow tight like a baby and rock.

During that night Mary and Joseph had a visit from some shepherds who told an amazing story about how they had been out on the nearby hills watching their sheep. They had seen and heard angels singing in the sky and announcing the birth of a baby in Bethlehem.

\"\"...visit from some shepherds... \"\"watching sheep...

They had run to find the baby. How surprised and joyful they had been when they found out what God had said through the angel was true.

Later on there were more visitors as wise men from the East arrived to give special presents of gold and frankincense and myrrh. They told Mary and Joseph about their long journey following a bright star which led them right to the baby Jesus. They bowed before baby Jesus to offer their gifts. They knew that this baby was a special king who was the ruler of all people - young and old, poor and rich. Jesus was God's Son with us

\"\"...wise men from the East arrived to give special presents..

You might like to invite a child to come forward and put their head on the pillow at this point and show how they go to sleep

Little baby Jesus didn’t have a soft bed or a soft pillow to lay his head upon.

\"\" Pretend to go to sleep on the pillow. Perhaps snore loudly!

This child-king didn’t have the kind of servants who fussed over him and made his bed for him.

When you lie down tonight on your soft pillow you might like think about the first Christmas and say a big thank you to God. Remember, God showed us just how much He loves us by sending Jesus to live with us. When Jesus was older, he lay down his life upon a cross of wood to save all people from their sins.


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