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Top 10 Sleep Tips

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                                                 Top 9 Sleep Tips

Sleep Tip #1 - Don't try too hard
Worrying about the need to rest and fall asleep is one of the biggest causes of sleeplessness. Instead of lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, find a quiet place for better sleep and do something calming (like reading) until tiredness sets in.

Sleep Tip #2 - Avoid naps  
Naps, which throw off the body's natural sleeping cycle, are generally to be avoided, excluding the elderly or the disabled. Abstaining from naps helps to keep the body on schedule, thus allowing sleep to come easier at night.

Sleep Tip #3 - Watch what you eat
It's obvious that drinking caffeine close to bedtime will make it difficult to get better sleep. But keep in mind that taking many over-the-counter medicines and eating heavy meals can also hinder sleeping.

Sleep Tip #4 - Think of a relaxing place
Go on a virtual trip in your mind by picturing a place from childhood. Trace the roads and paths of this region until you arrive at a certain place. Usually, you'll be sleeping before you arrive at your destination.

Sleep Tip #5 - Use sleeping pills only as directed
Sleeping pills often cause more problems for better sleep than they solve, as many people take them on a long-term basis. These pills, which are designed for occasional use, lose their effectiveness and produce side effects when used more than directed.

Sleep Tip #6 - Expose yourself to bright lights when you wake up
Exposure to bright light early in the morning, typically for 30 to 40 minutes, has been shown to promote healthy habits and a good night's sleep.

Sleep Tip #7 - Take technology out of the bedroom
In this day and age, people have cell phones, iPads, laptops and a whole host of gadgets in their rooms just waiting to go off and disrupt their sleep. Keeping technology out of the bedroom and creating a comfortable setting completely eliminates this problem for better sleep.

Sleep Tip #8 - Establish a routine
By keeping a regular bedtime, your body becomes trained to ritually wind down and speed up, thus bringing on sleep more consistently.

Sleep Tip #9 - Relax before bedtime
Relaxing before bedtime, which is the best way to get better sleep, is sometimes easier said than done. Instead of worrying while in bed, take some time to write down the next day's problems and solutions and put them aside. This way, full attention can be given to a good night's sleep.

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