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Pillow for Baby

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                                                 Pillow for Baby


When will my baby be ready to sleep with a pillow and blanket?

Thinking your baby would be better off with a pillow and blanket in her bed? Think again. Even though you probably wouldn't dream of sleeping without either, your baby, who's slept flat and uncovered on the mattress since birth, doesn't know what she's missing. And keeping her in the dark about fluffy bed accessories is a good thing: Pillows put your baby at risk for suffocation and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), particularly during the first four months of life. Even after the high-risk period for SIDS has passed, most experts advise not handing out a pillow until your baby moves to a bed somewhere between 18 and 24 months. By then, even the slight remaining risk is gone.

As for the blanket, the same advice holds true later is better than sooner not just because of the risk of suffocation, but because of the possibility of entanglement. Babies who are active at night can easily get caught in a blanket, which can lead to falls and bruises (when they try to stand up in their crib) and frustration.  That's why most experts recommend holding off on tucking a baby in with a blanket until at least midway through the second year.

If you're concerned about keeping your baby warm on cold nights, dress her in one-piece footed pajamas on top of lightweight cotton ones. And when you do decide to throw in the pillow and blanket, continue to play it safe:  Choose a \"toddler\" pillow that's small and very flat and a blanket that is lightweight.



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