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When Can A Baby Sleep With A Pillow?

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                           Baby Sleep With A Pillow


So do you know when can a baby sleep with a pillow? If you would like to find out, kindly follow me and read this article. I will share with you with everything that I know.

Well, most of us sleep with pillows, so does this mean that our babies should use a pillow as well? There are many answers, some said after 12 months, some said after 18 months and some said after 2 years of age.

\"babyActually, there is no one right answer that can fit all. The best estimation is still after 18 months or after 2 years of age. Or after your baby moved from sleeping in baby crib into normal toddler bed.

The Reason?

The first is of course for your babies’ safety. Do you know that if your newborn may get suffocated if the pillow is covering over his or her little cute face? This is very dangerous if you are using a heavy pillow. And the best advice is not to use a pillow until you move your baby into a toddler bed.

If you want your baby to use a pillow, make sure it is light and thin. And make sure the pillow that you use is not made of feather or anything that can cause allergy to your newborn.

The second reason is that your baby needs to grow. Unlike adults, baby’s head is bigger than his or her shoulders. And they do not need to have support on their head. If you put on the support for their head, which is using a pillow, you might cause them to develop neck pain and you may disturb the grow of their physicals.

Therefore, the best advice is still not to use any pillow for your babies. If possible, try to wait until you have moved them into a toddler bed, only then, give them the pillow that you wish. Again, you have to make sure the pillow is light and thin, and the materials of the pillow will not give allergy to your babies.

Additional Information You Need To Know

A pillow is usually used for respiratory problems. So if your baby is having this kind of problem and you do not want to use a pillow, there is a better way to solve it. You can simply tilt or elevate one side of the baby crib instead of using a pillow. This way, you will make sure that your newborn is safe and the respiratory problem will be solved.

So right now I believe that you know the answer to the question when can a baby sleep with a pillow. It is up to you at what age or months you want to provide the pillow for your baby. After going through this article, you should know the best time for it.


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