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Good Or Bad Sleeping With Pillow Over Head?

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                Good Or Bad Sleeping With Pillow Over Head?


Do you sleep with pillow over your head? If you do, this is the right article for you. You are going to learn about whether this is a good or a bad habit.

In terms of safety

In fact, you do not have to worry about your safety when you sleep with pillow over your head. You will never get suffocated and die because of that. So far there I have never seen or heard any case like this. Unless if someone do it to you, it is safe to sleep with your pillow over head.

When you are about to get suffocated, you will get alerted and wake up in an instant. Your hands will automatically push off your pillows or the blanket. According to experts, this is the natural action for human when they are in danger. Thus, you do not have to worry about whether it is safe to sleep this way.

In terms of hygienic

Although it is safe to sleep it that way, in terms of cleanliness, it is another issue. Studies have shown that if you want to prevent acne or pimples, you must make sure you wash your face and keep your pillow clean all the time. This can greatly reduce the probability of getting pimples.

The thing is, if you sleep with your pillow over your head every night, guess what will happen? The chances of your face contact with your pillow will increase. And not only that, what if you did not wash or clean your pillow and the pillow case for months?

Just imagine it and you will know how unhygienic it is. This is why most people do not prefer to sleep with the pillow over their head.

Another point is that when you sleep this way, you will actually increase and store head on your head and face, which is not good for your skin. In the same time, you will trap the air that you breathe out, and breathe in the air that has higher percentage of carbon dioxide, which is not good for your health. It makes you difficult to sleep and disturb your quality rest time.

In terms of comfort

Some people prefer to sleep with pillow over their head because they have used to it and they feel comfortable. While some people do not prefer to sleep in this posture.

As long as you feel comfortable with your current sleeping position and posture, it will be good enough. However, if possible, try to not sleep with a pillow over your head. It may be comfortable to you, but it is not hygienic.

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