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Time out for Mum

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                Time out for Mum

As a new Mum, so much of the focus is on the baby. While they are important but we must remember who is caring for the baby.  Mums need extra special care. Finding the balance can be difficult.  Here are a few suggestions to help keep you feeling special.

If you are at home with a baby/children all day make one hour a day just for you. You may need to be creative as to when you take it, but do it.  Don’t be tempted to do another load of washing or the dishes - they will wait. Take a long bath, read a book, exercise, or if you can, spend time with your partner (why not indulge in an uninterrupted dinner).  See this not as a reward but as a necessary re-charge. Make it a priority. 

Sometimes you can incorporate leisure time with your baby.  Whilst your baby is young take advantage of being able to go to the cinema.  A tiny baby in a sling or swaddle will most likely sleep through most of the film.

Taking a good walk either every day or every second day is an excellent stress buster.  The monotony of the home can sometimes be hard to handle so pack baby up, either in a pram or a sling and catch some fresh air.  Both of you will feel better.

Utilise offers of support from relatives and friends.  You may not feel comfortable leaving your baby, if this is the case an extra pair of hands can help with household chores or just baby holding! If you feel OK to leave your baby you may like to indulge in a massage or shopping.  Remember our partners can sometimes take on this role.  It gives them a great chance to ‘bond’ with their child.


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