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How to Make a Microwave Heating Pad

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                                   How to Make a Microwave Heating Pad

A microwave heating pad is a soothing tool to ease a stiff neck or sore muscles. It can also warm your feet on a cold winter night. The microwave heating pad is so quick and easy to make, you can soon make several for friends and family. These items are quite pricey in specialty shops, but you can make one for less than $5.


    • 1

      Decide what shape and size you want your heating pad to be. You can make a long narrow one to wrap around your neck. A square or rectangular heating pad works well against your back or sore muscles.

    • 2

      Prewash the fabric. Dry it in the dryer without fabric softener sheets. Or you can use any old 100-percent cotton garment.

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    • 3

      Cut the fabric into the desired shape. Leave inch all the way around for a seam allowance. Either cut two pieces, or cut one piece and fold it in two.

    • 4

      Place the fabric pieces right side together. Stitch in a straight seam. Leave a 2-inch opening to insert the rice. Backstitch both ends. Turn the heating pad right side out.

    • 5

      Use a funnel to pour the uncooked rice into the heating pad. Put a piece of paper or a plate underneath the heating pad to catch any rice that spills out. Don't overfill the bag.

    • 6

      Tuck the raw edges to the inside and sew the hole shut in the heating pad. You can either stitch it on the sewing machine or sew it shut by hand.

    • 7

      Heat the heating pad no more than two minutes in the microwave. Never get it wet.


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