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How Do I Choose the Best Baby Pillow Case?

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                   How Do I Choose the Best Baby Pillow Case?


If you are looking for a pillow case for a baby, there are several details to consider. Perhaps the most important consideration is the baby's safety while using the pillow case, especially since nap time and bedtime are two times when a baby is relatively unattended. Another important consideration is the type of material used, with cotton and satin being two of the more popular varieties. You also may want to make sure the color of the baby pillow case matches the rest of the room, including the crib sheets, crib bumper pads and any other bedding used by the baby. In addition, customizing the pillow case design will give the baby a keepsake to appreciate even when he or she is too big to use the case.

From a safety standpoint, you should look for pillowcases that are well sewn. It should have no loose threads that can accidentally snag a baby's fingers and no frayed edges that could cause a teething baby to accidentally ingest bits of the fabric. Any embellishments should be firmly attached, perhaps embroidered or printed into the fabric with nontoxic fabric dye. Embellishments such as sequins, beads and glitter should be avoided as choking hazards. The fabric also should be breathable to minimize any risk of suffocation.


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