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Simple, gentle solutions for baby

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                                          Simple, gentle solutions for baby

Within your baby's first year it's always tricky to get the right sleep routine. Following some of our sleep solutions may help you and your bub have a more rested, peaceful sleep, meaning you can spend more valuable time together during waking hours! Click on the links below for more information:


We need to consider the environment a newborn baby is used to  - warm and dark, snuggled tight and secure.  This is why swaddling is such an important technique for settling and sleeping. In the early days mothers    often think it is cruel to wrap a baby tightly.  Many say their baby hates it and wriggles out. Not only is the way you wrap important but the size and type of wrap is critical. Living Textiles Baby Smart-Swaddle wraps offer a generous size (120cmx120cm) enabling you to wrap your baby securely meaning a sound sleep for baby and peace of mind for Mum. Living Textiles Baby has a wide range of wraps; from cool, light muslin (suitable for even the hottest weather) through to the warmth of either soft flannelette cotton or the comfy T-shirt feel of stretch cotton jersey. Whatever the season, Living Textiles Baby can help make secure, sound sleep a reality.

Swaddling your baby in Living Textiles Babys' pure cotton wraps also helps to keep your baby at an even temperature thanks to the high ventilation and absorbency capacities of the natural fiber. Swaddling also keeps your baby lying safely on their back.  Overheating and laying babies on their tummy have been confirmed as dangers to SIDS (Sudden Infant death syndrome).

Keeping your baby swaddled not only gives them a sense of security and safety it also establishes a sound sleeping routine.  When a baby is regularly swaddled before being put to bed an association is formed between the two activities. Wrapping becomes a trigger for sleep.  In only a few short months your newborn will be very aware of this and settle into routine. You will be thankful for the effort of early swaddling!

3-6 Months

In the first three months your baby may be too busy adjusting to their new life outside the womb to establish regular sleeping patterns for themselves.  After this period though they are more likely to settle into habit and your persistence with swaddling is now likely to be noticed by your baby. A regular pattern is important for establishing good sleep, but so too is listening to your baby.  Body language and intonation are a baby’s means of communication and you are the best person to pick up the clues.

It is important to look for signs of fatigue such as pulling at the ear, general irritability, rubbing the eyes. These are all clues that you need to get your bub to bed soon (even if that’s in your stroller if you are out and about).  Take a few minutes out, wrap bub and give them a few quiet moments.  It may be the difference between a lovely afternoon shopping and the trip from hell!

In the cooler months the flannelette or jersey wraps can be very useful as they allow your baby to move a little without the wrap coming undone.  We recommend the muslin wraps accompanied by nappy and singlet and a wrap as all you need on hot days. If you feed your baby to sleep (or they fall asleep while feeding); A good tip is to make sure baby is changed, then wrap before you feed, this way you will not disturb your sleeping angel.  Many new mums places a baby in their cot after feeding, sound asleep.  15 minutes later their peace is shattered by a startled wake or disturbance.  The security of swaddling can prevent this.

6 Months and beyond

Swaddling can be effective past six months.  

We know of Mums who see it as such a good technique that they continue.  If you have mastered the swaddling technique and have been rewarded with a solid pattern, perhaps your baby is ready for a sleeping bag.

Forget baby getting cold during the night after kicking off the blankets.  Just as Living Textiles Baby has a wrap for all seasons, they also have a soft, cozy sleeping bag to suit year-round temperatures, available from most of our fully coordinated bedding and accessory collections.

It’s no wonder that Living Textiles Baby sleeping bags are called Smart-Dream. All the same soft cotton fabrics you and your baby have grown to love as part of the Smart-Swaddle range of wraps are also used for our sleeping bags. Smart-Dream Sleeping bags are available in three sizes suitable for babies 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months. Importantly they are designed to maximise ventilation, continuing to keep your baby safe from overheating, while the sleeveless design and generous leg room allows movement for your growing baby The security of the sleeping bags continue to give your baby a ‘swaddle effect’.  Putting the sleeping bag on also acts as a sign that sleep time has come.  It can be useful to talk softly as you prepare your baby for bed, helping them to relax and prepare for a restful sleep.

It is important to keep your baby safe in the cot.  To reduce the risk of SIDS it is recommended that you make up the sheets with your baby’s feet at the foot of the cot (rather than your baby lying from the top to mid section of the cot).  This prevents the risk of a baby wriggling down under the cot sheets.  A sleeping bag is another excellent method as it is very hard for a baby to wriggle within the bag.  Swaddling and sleeping bags are recommended by SIDS to lessen the risk of cot death.

The temperature of your baby’s room is also important.  18 degrees Celsius is recommended as ideal.  If the room is hotter or colder it is advised that you adjust your baby’s clothes and bedding accordingly.  It is a good idea to keep a small room thermometer within your baby’s room.

We are committed to ensuring each Living Textiles Baby and Kids product is of the finest quality, supremely comfortable and a beautiful addition to you home decor.  We also strive to ensure that as you take on the world’s most important job, you are empowered and supported.  We hope you have found our ‘sleep like a baby’ resource helpful.


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