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The ‘Science’ of Sleeping Babies

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                                          The ‘Science’ of Sleeping Babies

Arguably, the number one topic of discussion amongst new mothers is sleep, or lack there of.  There are so many products, techniques and now even baby whisperers. Getting a baby to sleep has become an industry!

At Living Textiles Baby and Kids we believe new parents should be empowered and supported during the most important journey of parenting.  An important first step to a restful night sleep for all is to understand the ‘science of sleep’.

There are four stages of Non REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. In the early stages babies can easily wake.  In the last stage they may well sleep through being moved from car to bed etc.  In this late stage a baby is its most restful, they have a constant breathing pattern in what is also known as ‘deep sleep’. After 2 cycles of non REM sleep, a baby enters the REM phase.


REM (where the eyes rapidly flutter) sleep on the other hand is ‘lighter’, the brain becomes more active and we dream (ah to know what our babies dream of!). The body is in a pseudo paralysis. Most messages between the brain and muscles are blocked in the spinal cord.  Stronger signals may get through resulting in ‘twitching’ or ‘jerking’.

We all need sleep.  For some babies, though, it is a hard road.  It has to be learnt.  Parents too have to understand that in this new union this little being is like a sponge and will absorb everything around. This becomes difficult when a parent is sleep deprived and stressed.

Some wise advice - don’t compare with other babies! You have your own unique, amazing child.  To be happy and healthy everyone needs sleep and this website will support you; helping you to ‘read’ your baby, providing them with what they need, with a little left for you at the end!
Please use this table as an approximate, and don’t be too concerned if your baby sleeps a little less.


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